Nov 062012
Jasmine tea at Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil is a Thai restaurant located in downtown Norman. It is a fairly popular restaurant offering the typical fare. It’s portions are not huge. You will not go away hungry, but you also will normally not walk away with a doggie bag either.

On this visit I was accompanied by my father and his girlfriend. We arrived on a Tuesday at 5pm so the place was not crowded. We were sat in a booth near the large saltwater fish tank. The room was poorly lit and we could barely read the menus between the small font and the poor light. The table was also loose and the lantern on the table had loose glass on it and so it annoyingly rattled every time the table moved.

Massaman curry with tofu at Sweet Basil

Presentation of Massaman curry with tofu at Sweet Basil

It was kind of chilly outside so I ordered a nice cup of jasmine tea. The tea was the typical cheap tea you can get at any Asian market, but it tasted good nonetheless. My dad and I got the same thing, Masaman Curry his with chicken, mine with tofu. The menu gives you a choice between 1-5 for heat level, in other Thai restaurants I order my food Thai hot, from previous experience of eating at this place, I decided on level 15 and it was close to thai hot. Next time I might try a level 16 and hope for the best. I did have a runny nose eating it, but it wasn’t quite there. The flavor was good, there was a nice balance of sweet and curry flavors and was nice and creamy.

Massaman curry with tofu at Sweet Basil

Massaman curry with tofu at Sweet Basil

The vegetables were soft but yet firm, they held their shape. I think that the dish needed a few more different veggies in it, but I like a good variety of veggies in my dish. The rice was cooked nicely and there was a good proportion of rice to food. The plate that the rice was on was small, so it was a bit of a struggle to keep the sauce from dripping off the plate. My dad’s did flow over the edges.

Fried rice with chicken at Sweet Basil

Fried rice with chicken at Sweet Basil

I am not sure if my dad’s girlfriend liked hers too much or not. Thai is not something that she has had before and she ordered the fried rice on suggestion from her daughter. She didn’t eat much of hers but she did take the remainder home. The fried rice looked pretty good and had a good proportion of rice to the rest of the ingredients in it. I didn’t see any rice that looked burned or dried or that didn’t seem to not have any soy sauce on it.

Sweet Basil is located at:
211 West Main Street
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 217-8424
They are on the North side of Main just past Webster.

They can be found on Facebook at:

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