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Before I go into the actual review of this product I want to preface that Amy’s has a pretty big arsenal of products for a company that is not owned by a mega corp. Their quality control and consistency has always been on par. Lately they have started to use Daiya cheeze in some of their vegan dishes, and I wish that they would use more of it. Not all of us are allergic to Gluten and it seems like this cheeze is being used in the gluten free dishes. I would love to have that cheesy taste in their mexican and italian offerings. So if you are reading this R & D of Amys, don’t be shy on the Daiya!

Today I had their vegan black bean tamale verde. This is a corn tamale stuffed with black beans, corn, and zucchini. It is topped with a green tomatillo sauce and It is served with a side of mexican brown rice.

Amy's vegan Black Bean Tamale Verde packaging

Amy’s vegan Black Bean Tamale Verde packaging

There are a couple of differences between what I get in the box vs what is shown on the picture. The first thing is there was a lot less green sauce on the tamale than in the picture. This has been pretty consistent with all of Amy’s offerings. I am always wanting more sauce. Also the stuffing inside of the tamale seemed to be more wet and fuller. More saucier. The rice seemed to be consistent with the picture except the peppers were dissolved into the rice’s sauce. Compared to what I have seen though this was a fairly accurate picture to what ingredients you get and what they look like in the finished meal.

Amy's vegan Black Bean Tamale Verde reality

Amy’s vegan Black Bean Tamale Verde reality

The flavors were pretty good. The taste of the corn tamale stood out, it didn’t taste murky or watered down. It was firm, held it’s shape however was easy to cut with a fork. The pieces of corn inside was firm and sweet. There was nothing that seemed to be overcooked or have any burned edges. The tomatillo sauce complimented the tamale well and had a nice mild flavor to it. Again I could have had more sauce on the tamale, although it wasn’t dry because of the moistness of the corn shell, it would have been better to have that nice green sauce stand out more.

The rice was nice and flavorful. It didn’t taste like brown rice at all. There was a nice subtle hint of heat from the poblano peppers, but nothing too strong or powerful. I could have stood it to be more hot, but I give things like this a pass in mass produced companies because they are trying to appeal to every appetite. The rice was perfectly cooked and had a good flavor. When I think of mexican rice, this is what I think of.

I bought this at a local grocery store and they are usually a dollar or more over what I can get at the competing health food stores in Norman. I have to use what I see as average pricing for Amys to really think about value for money. The dish temporarily satisfied me. It didn’t really fill me up, and felt it needed more like a side of beans like the enchiladas have or more rice. It could have come with more sauce and been ozzing with Daiya as well. The addition of Daiya in itself would have probably satisfied with that wonderful texture of cheeze. When I shop for these things I normally first look to see who is running specials, and a lot of times you can get Amys for less than $4 and on special around $3.50. At that price point they are worth it.

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