Jan 022013
I Sushi outside

I was driving around Norman looking for a sushi place for lunch since it has been a long time since I had sushi, and I decided to look around the Campus Corner area to see if I could find one. I drove by I Sushi and decided to try that place. The place was nice and cozy and I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff.

Sushi station at I Sushi

Sushi station at I Sushi

I looked at the menu and scanned through it a couple of times before I found the elusive one item that was vegetarian. The veggie roll had fried sweet potato, avocado, and spicy mayo. I had to order it without the mayo. I also ordered some hot jasmine tea as well.

The tea was nice and warm and was the typical bagged tea. There was enough tea in the pot to fill my cup a time and a half.

Jasmine Tea at I Sushi

Jasmine Tea at I Sushi

Jasmine tea at I Sushi

Jasmine tea at I Sushi

My sushi came out and I garnished it the way I usually do. I put a little wasabi on top and then dip it in soy sauce. I thought that the fried sweet potato was a nice touch. It was breaded in panko and added a nice crunch to the roll. The sweetness of the potatoes went well with the bite of the wasabi. The rice stayed held together. I could not taste the distinct taste of seaweed on the roll. I would have liked for it to have a slight ocean or “fishy” flavor from the seaweed, but this is my personal preference.

Veggie roll at I Sushi

Veggie roll at I Sushi

Veggie roll details at I Sushi

Veggie roll details at I Sushi

The biggest disappointment was that there was only one item on the menu I could eat. I wish there was a couple more options for sushi rolls and also some other items on the menu like fried tofu or something. I was hungry enough to order an appetizer or order another type of veggie sushi if it had been on the menu. I know that the place was pretty small, but there was a pretty generous selection of menu items.
Part of I Sushi's menu

Part of I Sushi’s menu

Overall it was a good experience. The food was good, just disappointed that there was not more options. At least there was an option for me, so I have to give them that one.

I Sushi can be found at:
762 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73069
Facebook: http://facebook.com/isushiok
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