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You can see the big glowing sign from I-240. I pass by it just about every day during my journeys to and from work. I have always been curious about it and Tammy said they have our beans there, so that was it. We had to go.

We went on a wed night and the first thing I noticed is how full the parking lot is. Tammy mentioned that this place is always busy, especially on Sundays. We were greeted and seated at a booth and we looked around to see what they had before grabbing our plates and filing them.

The buffet is huge. They have several different kinds of sushi, the standard Chinese fare like kung pao something, sweet and sour something else, cooked string beans, eggplant, and soups. They have a Mongolian stir fry station, A section with steaks, ribs, and other meats, a buffet line dedicated to Mexican food if you aren’t in the mood for asian, a big salad bar, big hot and cold desert lines including several different ice creams, yogurts, and sherberts.

For the most part the food seemed pretty fresh. Some of the less popular items were in shallow pans. The items I tried were the aforementioned green beans, lo mien, fried eggplant, vegetable spring rolls, eggplant in garlic sauce, a couple of pieces of sushi, and sauteed mushrooms. I was hoping that there would have been more tofu on the buffet like kung pao or sweet and sour tofu or something, but the only tofu I found was the raw stuff for the Mongolian buffet line.

My buffet items at Taste of China

My buffet items at Taste of China

The beans were really good. The sauce was good, and the beans were cooked till they were shriveled. The beans I remember from long ago were put in a very hot wok so they were slightly charred, if they were cooked that way, then they would have gotten an A++. They were cooked really well though, and I did go back for seconds and if I weren’t full it would have been thirds.

The spring rolls being fried were not crisp, they were not soaking in oil and they were edible, especially being dipped in sweet and sour sauce. Same with the fried eggplant. It would have been better fresh out of the frier. The only choice I had on the sushi line was rice stuffed in a pre made soggy fried wonton wrapper with a bit of seaweed salad on top. It was not pleasant. The wasabi looked kind of watery as well. There wasn’t any vegetables and it wasn’t even a roll, it was a boat like thing. I think the seaweed salad would have been good on it’s own with a dash of toasted sesame seed oil and soy sauce.

The lo mien was good, slightly salty from the soy sauce. The noodles were not clumped together, and they had some cabbage and other veggies mixed in with. Another thing I went back for more on. The eggplant in garlic sauce had a nice garlicky flavor, there was also soy sauce, onions and sesame seed oil flavors in it as well. The eggplant even though they had been sitting on the line were not too soggy. It was one of those dishes in a shallow pan so it could get changed over quickly. Same goes for the mushrooms. The way they were on the plate they were almost mixed together and I actually did eat them as on dish a little.

Tammy's buffet items at Taste of China

Tammy’s buffet items at Taste of China

Tammy got the lo mien noodles, beans, broccoli, cabbage and a piece of chicken. She seemed to like it all except for the chicken. She agreed that the beans were good but needed that extra bit of char on them to bring back the memories from twelve years ago. She went back for more beans and lo mien.

I was almost expecting to pay $20 apiece for the buffet, but it was actually $10.95 a person plus drinks. It is a very reasonable price for the amount of food that they have to offer. It is no wonder why they stay so busy.

Taste of China can be found at:

901 SW 74th Bypass (North West corner of 240 and Western)
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
(405) 631-1688
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