Feb 192013
Dining area of Johnny Carino's

For dinner tonight we decided to try Johnny Carinos. It was one of those spur of the moment things. We were both really hungry from laptop and printer shopping. We stopped in on a Tuesday night and was immediately seated in a cool little anclove thing.

We were served with bread and roasted garlic with olive oil in a dish. I added black pepper and balsamic vinegar for us to dip the bread in. We were given one piece of bread to eat between the both of us and I had to ask for more bread for us to eat.

Roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar for bread dipping at Johnny Carino's

Roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar for bread dipping at Johnny Carino’s

Tammy got some calamari for an appetizer and liked it up to the point where it got cold. After that she couldn’t eat any more. Cold calamari is not good anywhere.
Calamari at Johnny Carino's

Calamari at Johnny Carino’s

We took our time looking at the menu and I was going to order my old standby of eggplant parm. Something that I have actually had here before and liked because it was different than the norm. I decided instead on the angel hair with artichokes which also had capers, tomatoes, basil, and black olives.

I was served a bowl of minestrone as my first course. The flavor of the soup was pretty good, the pasta and vegetables however was mushy, like the soup had been sitting back in a bain marie all night instead of the soup being heated individually at service. A lot of soups you can do this, but for minestrone with the pasta and some of the soft veggies in this, it is hard to do that and have a good product. They could have at least kept the base warm and thrown in the veggies and pasta at service and microwaved for 20 seconds to heat them up. But hey, what do I know?

Minestrone soup at Johnny Carino's

Minestrone soup at Johnny Carino’s

My dish wasn’t all that great. When it was brought to me I thought I could smell cooked white wine and it looked really good. However when I tasted it, there was no flavor except for what the capers and olives were bringing in themselves. The pasta was dry, there was no sauce to it. I couldn’t taste or see any garlic or basil in mine. I ended up having to add a couple of chunks of the roasted garlic from the olive/vinegar stuff and added balsamic vinegar in it as well. I was hungry and after adding the flavor I ended up eating it all. The last few bites of pasta I could actually scoop in some of the other ingredients with and could taste the olives, artichoke hearts, and capers along with and it had some of that saltiness and flavor that they bring. Tammy did tell the waiter that I didn’t like it and the waiter did remove the item from our bill. This did make me happy and showed good customer service, especially since I did eat all of the dish. They could have looked at the dish, saw that I was eating / ate it and been like oh well, you ate it, you buy it. Next time we come here I will be ordering the eggplant. At least that has some good and consistent flavor.
Angel Hair with artichokes at Johnny Carino's

Angel Hair with artichokes at Johnny Carino’s

Tammy got the chicken scallopini. She really enjoyed it. It reminded her a lot of the smoked chicken capellini she got at the Oklahoma City Art Museum Cafe, except it wasn’t quite as smoky as the museum’s. It had mushrooms, bacon and tomatoes. It was tossed in spaghetti and a lemon butter cream sauce. The bacon added the slight smokiness to it and she didn’t miss her alfredo she always gets because of the butter cream sauce.
Chicken Scallopini at Johnny Carino's

Chicken Scallopini at Johnny Carino’s

The location we ate at was at:
7900 S. Walker Ave.,
Oklahoma City, OK 73139


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