Feb 202013
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Dad was hungry for Sandro’s again tonight. He wanted to try the pizza that was mentioned in the Gazette article as being the owner’s favorite pizza: The Quattro Gusti (artichoke hearts, canadian bacon, mushrooms, and black olives). So he invited me to dinner and we went over there to get some food and beer.

Dad ordered the aforementioned Quattro Gusti and a Stella Artois as well. I decided to be different and ordered an eggplant parmesan no cheese and a Moretti.

On this particular night we arrived just after a large (20+) party and they had ordered 8 pizzas right before we ordered, so our food took some time to get out. Which was understandable, we are never in a hurry.

Not long after we sat down and we got our drinks I was given a roll that was supposed to be part of my meal. No sauce no nothing, just a roll. I let it be because I wanted to dip it in my marinara sauce, except for the chunk my dad decided to eat because he was hungry.

Dinner roll at Sandro's

Dinner roll at Sandro’s

My eggplant came out first. Except that it had a slice of melted cheese on top of it. I looked at the cook that brought it out and told him it was supposed to be no cheese, he looked at it and said it is no cheese, I then looked at him and then the cheese and he said ohhhhhhh. He then proceeded to take it back to the kitchen to remove the cheese and re-sauce the eggplant. While he was doing that my dad got the attention of the waitress and said to not waste the eggplant that he would buy it and eat it later.

The eggplant came back after that and my dad’s pizza came to the table as well. By this time the large party had received and eaten their pizzas (their pizza was gone within minutes of it being served) and they were starting to disassemble.

Eggplant parm no cheese at Sandro's

Eggplant parm no cheese at Sandro’s

The eggplant was good. From what I could tell it was made in house and the sauce was a good old sauce. It had sat and slow cooked for hours in the back bringing out the sugars in the tomatoes. It had a good flavor and you could taste the garlic, oregano and basil in it. By now my roll was cold, but it was still good enough to use to sop up the remaining sauce. The spaghetti was not drained as well as it should have been, there was a bit of water on the bottom of the plate, but the eggplant and pasta wasn’t swimming in water so it wasn’t that bad.
Moretti at Sandro's

Moretti at Sandro’s

Dad really liked his pizza as well. It looked to be a good combination of ingredients. He ate most of it and saved some for a snack later on. It looked like there were marinated mushrooms or artichoke hearts on the pizza as well. Dad did mention that the canadian bacon was a good choice for it because it added a ham/bacon flavor without the smoke drowning out the other ingredients.
Quattro Gusti pizza at Sandro's

Quattro Gusti pizza at Sandro’s

The owner did come out to the table because of the confusion of the eggplant. He was trying to figure out what was going on because the cook reused the eggplant and dad thought they were making the thing over again. We explained everything and he apologized. Dad told him he was eating his pizza and drinking his beer because of the article in the Gazette, and let him know he liked it.

All in all it was a good experience despite some kids making noise and running around, the food was good, and the service was good as well even with them being busy for a Wednesday night. I have a feeling we’ll be back again, and I need to check out their new location in Moore as well.

Sandros can be found at:
Norman (the location we ate at)
914 W Main St
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 701-8822

Moore (New location)
2024 South Service Road
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 703-2727


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