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Tammy and I spent the afternoon running around town doing errands and other fun stuff people do on their days off and on our way back to her house we were hungry and was trying to decide where to eat. After trying to think of several places and being shot down I decided on stopping here for us to get something to go.

We arrived around 8:30 and I checked to see if they were open. After seeing that they were indeed open I waved at Tammy so she would get out of the car and come in. The first thing she saw on the picture menu was their beef and string beans item and she decided on that. As I was looking at the menu Tammy was putting in her order and that is when the lady taking our order tell her that they had only half an order left, but can put broccoli in it to make it a full order. Tammy did not want broccoli and was happy with only a half order since she had tacos at her son’s house. The front of the house person wouldn’t sell her a half order so she ended up without.

I ordered kung pao tofu extra spicy, which I had to clarify no chicken add tofu. I only ordered because I was hungry and didn’t want to figure out where else to go. Because of the exchange of the string beans I didn’t order the spring rolls I normally get. Also I have been eating Chinese with chopsticks (badly) since my teens. This time I couldn’t be arsed to ask for chopsticks and I ate the thing with a plastic fork.

Once my food was ready we drove back to her house so I could eat it.

Kung Pao Tofu at Golden China

Kung Pao Tofu at Golden China

I opened up the rice and the plastic lid from my food and used the lid as a plate. The tofu was fried and was nice and firm and fully cooked throughout. It was cooked in a way I liked it. The vegetables had the normal prerequisite veggies for kung po, carrots, celery, and peanuts. The sauce itself was pretty flat. It tasted salty, and there was heat from the chilies, but beyond that there was no flavor to it. Even though the dish was pretty salty I had to add soy sauce to it to give it any flavor. It was another disappointment. Good tofu, bad sauce, bad customer service.
Kung Pao Tofu at Golden China

Kung Pao Tofu at Golden China

The taste of my food was as poor as the customer service of being able to accommodate my friend. The cost of the beef with beans was $8.99. She could have charged us $5.99 for the half order and we would have been happy with that. Instead they lost $5.99 plus the cost of the spring rolls I would have ordered, plus any chance that we would have come back if the string beans would have been cooked the way we like it. Instead we will not be returning customers, so they lost any repeat business as well. Thinking about it, the beans would have tasted the same way as my dish, and they would have not been cooked right anyway, but they didn’t give us the chance to try it out.

My hunt for a decent Chinese restaurant on the way to work carries on.

If you want tasteless Chinese; Golden China can be found at:
1604 SW 89th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73159
(405) 378-0422




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Tammy went back again on 4/8/2013 to try to get their string beans with beef and this was her experience:

Well, it's 6:30p and I'm still being offered a mixture of string beans and broccoli. Oh, and I still can't get half an order.... All I want is beef with string beans! Ugh ..... Disappointed again:-(

Needless to say it is very disappointing to us and we will not be back.

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  1. ???
    My family and I have been eating at Golden China over three years; I
    have NEVER saw Kung Pao Tofu on their menu.

  2. I think I actually saw you trying to order food here. You were trying to get a half an order of something and they don’t do that. You can’t just make up menu items! Or prices. That’s an outrageous expectation. Also, after reading this article I cannot even begin to fathom how you got a job writing for a living. This article is so full of typos and grammatical errors. It’s really appalling.

    “the lady taking our order tell her that they had only half an order left”

    “This time I couldn’t be arsed to ask for chopsticks and I ate the thing with a plastic fork.”

    You write like someone with very little class and education. Also, I think it’s rude of you to demand they put tofu instead of chicken. You act like they should have just known and been okay with that. Why do you think you can just make up menu items and not be grateful for it?

    I love this place and they have literally NEVER made a single mistake on my food which is kind of amazing. The little lady at the front is so wonderful. There is something shameful in how you are trying to destroy their reputation because they wouldn’t just let you and your friend make stuff up.

    • We were not trying to get half an order of anything. We were trying to get a full order but they only had half an order worth of beans and wouldn’t sell it to us, instead they wanted to mix it with broccoli. Something she did not want. She should have just said that they were out of string beans. You were seeing someone else.

      I do not have a job writing for a living. I do this in my spare time for fun. Sorry I have a US education and my writing skills aren’t the best.

      I didn’t demand anything, I requested it. Something that vegans commonly do, and something that any good restaurant will accommodate for. (I was a chef for many years and was more than happy to accommodate anyone’s special request).

      I am not trying to destroy anyone’s reputation, only blogging about our experience here. The lady was nice but the food was not. I have had better Chinese at a Mexican restaurant.

  3. While I agree with the half order, the substitutions are a preference, I am paying you for a service if you have the ingredients in the back (which we know they do) why would you not accommodate me by switching out one ingredient for another… Seems like an error in managerial judgment not to have a “choice” in something as broad and vast as Chinese food. I’ll stick to homemade or golden palace when I am out their way, they at least understand the concept of I want x instead of x in my meal.

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