Apr 302013
Alberto's Burritos Paradise

Alberto's Burritos Paradise

Alberto’s Burritos Paradise

The Jeep propped up on the steel pipe attracted our attention to this place when we were hungry and looking for a place to plop our keisters to eat. After finding the parking lot in the back we walked into a funky little burrito place that seemed to promise yummy Mexican food.

We were excited about the menu. There looked to be a lot of good food to offer, and had several items that were veggie. I ordered a veggie burrito with no cheese and a side of guacamole and Tammy ordered a shredded beef burrito and a soft taco carne asada. When we were served our food we were asked if we wanted any sauce, and we chose the green chili sauce. We should have ordered the other sauce I think. The green chili sauce was bland, watered down and oiley.

Veggie Burrito at Alberto's Burritos Paradise

Veggie burrito at Alberto’s Burritos Paradise

My veggie burrito was filled with a mix of veggies like carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, poblano peppers, and was cooked on the flat top so they had a nice taste to them. There was nothing else in there though. No beans, no rice, no lettuce. I had to get up to ask for the guacamole which still took a few minutes later to arrive, it had cheese garnished on it, and so Tammy asked them to make another. The guacamole was served on lettuce, so I added the guac and lettuce to the burrito. The creaminess of the guacamole and the lettuce saved my burrito and that to me made it really good. It was missing some heat and robustness.

Shredded beef burrito at Alberto's Burritos Paradise

Shredded beef burrito at Alberto’s Burritos Paradise

Tammy was not too happy with her burrito. It was bland, the meat was tough, and the sauce it was cooked in was an odd shade of orange She thought it tasted “different”.. At least her burrito had lettuce, tomatoes, and rice in it. There wasn’t much meat in it though. Which was probably a good thing since it was tough and stringy. The asada taco she thought the meat was dry and was expecting it to have onion and cilantro and the food overall was bland to her.
Carne asada taco at Alberto's Burritos Paradise

Carne asada taco at Alberto’s Burritos Paradise

This is one of those reviews that makes me very indecisive as to if I liked it or not. I don’t know if the items we ordered were not good menu items, if we should have ordered the red sauce or first timer’s bad luck. Tammy was eyeing my burrito and felt she should have ordered that instead, and the bite she did taste she thought it had flavor. I think if we go back we will have to ask some questions first and maybe ask them not to gringo our items for us.

Alberto’s Burritos Paradise

Alberto’s Burritos Paradise

The location itself is pretty cool. The inside is funky and the front has a nice lawn and benches. The staff were friendly and provided good customer service to us. Again we just need to try it again in the future and hope for the best our second round.

Albertos can be found at:
3214 N Classen Blvd (look for the Jeep on a pole on the East side)
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 602-0030


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