Jun 042013
Tacos San Pedro

Tacos San Pedro

Tacos San Pedro

After running around for most of the day Tammy and I decided to place a togo order somewhere and eat it at home. This part of the city there was still areas without power due to the recent small tornadoes that clawed through the city. We tried looking at menus Tammy had and then calling several places with no answer before we got to Tacos San Pedro.

Tammy wanted a couple of their Asada burritos and I ordered a couple of their Huaraches with no cheese or sour cream. There was a bit of confusion with ordering the huaraches so I was hoping that the order gets made right. We also asked for their green chili sauce as well. The person who placed the order said it will take around ten minutes to make, so I waited a few minutes before heading out to get the food.

When I arrived at the restaurant I had to wait a few minutes before my order was ready which I didn’t mind because at least it wasn’t made and sat there waiting for me getting cold. When I got back to Tammy’s house I removed the food and was glad that my food was made correctly. I handed Tammy her large beef burritos (not pictured) and started eating my food.

Huarache at Tacos San Pedro

Huarache at Tacos San Pedro

At first glance and from the pictures I saw on the internet before ordering it the huarache looked to be an elongated tostada. This was much different than a tostada. The maize was about a quarter of an inch thick. It was cooked on the grill with the beans placed on top until the corn meal was cooked through. It was then garnished with the lettuce, tomato, and avocado pieces.

They were very tasty and even though I was completely full after eating both of them I wanted more. The maize and beans were mildly salted without anything else flavoring them, but the green chili salsa was nice and flavorful and had some kick to it. I wanted to put more of it on my huaraches. I sent a picture of them to my friend who lives in Mexico City and she said that traditionally they don’t put tomato and avocado on them, but I didn’t care, because I like avocado.

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of Tammy’s burritos, they were wrapped in foil and she ate them right out of the foil. The burrito had chopped beef, beans, cilantro, green chilies, onions and she added the green sauce. She thought that the burrito was very delicious and that it was hands down one of the the best burritos in the city. This included the shredded beef burrito at Chelinos which is more Tex-Mex while the burrito at Tacos San Pedro is more authentic Mexican. She thought everything was cooked well and the burrito was nice and big and they weren’t skimpy on the delicious meat inside.

Next time we will have to eat inside Tacos San Pedro and get the full atmosphere of the place. We will review it again at that time, but so far this is a great little Mexican place. The food was very tasty and they made our food right. In an area where there is a Mexican restaurant every half block this little treasure is easy to miss. If you are ever in the South West part of the city I wouldn’t pass it up.

Tacos San Pedro is at:
2301 SW 44th St (Just West of Penn)
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
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