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Anna's Gyros

Inside Anna's Gyros

Inside Anna’s Gyros

So for two Sundays in a row I have been craving hummus. Last week I tried to go to Mediterranean Grill but they were closed. I stopped by another place but it was closed also, so I started up Foursquare and it said Ana’s Gyros was close, so I used Waze to guide me there. It was located in an old strip with no cars in front of it. I went inside and was greeted by a lady in the corner who had just sat down for lunch. She went in the back, and came to the counter and I asked her what was on the falafel. she indicated it was vegetarian, I asked if it had tzatziki sauce on it, she said it did, and I asked if she could substitute hummus for the sauce. She said she could so I ordered that and an order of hummus. I comboed my pita, paid her and sat down and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Thirty minutes later my order was finally ready. I refilled my tea, and then quickly left. I made it into work just in time to clock in without being late (I am usually 30 minutes early and this time I left 10 minutes early to get something on my way to work)

Hummus at Anna's Gyros

Hummus at Anna’s Gyros

I started unwrapping my food, and when I opened the container that had the hummus, I saw the color of the hummus, the two slices of canned black olive garnishing it, and the store bought pita and was disappointed. I tasted the hummus and my disappointment continued. I could taste the slightly tinny canned taste and texture of a canned version of hummus I ate in my early twenties before I knew what good fresh made hummus was supposed to taste like.
Falafal at Anna's Gyros

Falafal at Anna’s Gyros

I then unwrapped my falafel pita and hoped it would be better. What waited for me inside the paper bag was two small sides of tzatziki sauce and a side of catsup, behind that the sandwich, and the fries. Nowhere in sight was the hummus, it is on the pita I thought. When I got to the pita I looked carefully at it, and nope, no hummus on the pita itself. I was also looking at the large flat pucks of falafel and wondering how I was going to eat them. They were as tall as the pita and almost half as long. With four of them this was going to be a challenge. I also noticed that the white onion that was in the sandwich was the tail end of it, and I had several large rings and the root of onion that she expected me to eat. That quickly got removed from the sandwich, and I tried a piece of the enormous falafel. It was ok, it wasn’t bland, but it lacked some of the kick I have had in other versions of it. The outside was crispy, the inside soft. It was cooked well, except for the slight tinge of old fryer oil.

I was hungry and was not going to let this food go to waste, so I started in on the hummus and saved a bit of it for the pita. As I ate more of the hummus and tasting and feeling the texture in my mouth I was even more convinced that it was not made in the store, or if it was, it was not very fresh. The pitas themselves were the kind that were store bought pre made in a factory somewhere and were tough and flavorless. Not the yummy fluffy bread that I have had at other places.

I smeared on the remainder of the hummus on the pita and started to eat it minus the white onion, and ate it and the fries. The fries were the typical frozen pre made fries you can get at any sandwich shop. They did have the slight taste of almost done fry grease, something that I could smell when I walked in to the place, but since it wasn’t overly present I didn’t turn away. The pita was decent, it had the falafels, shredded iceberg lettuce, a couple slices of roma tomatoes, and the onions I mentioned before. Plus the addition of the hummus. It was difficult to eat because of the large awkward pieces of falafel, but I got through it.

Anna's Gyros

Anna’s Gyros

I don’t think I will be back to Anna’s. Luckily the place I usually go to is the next mile over, if I get a craving for hummus on a Sunday I will have to buy the store bought stuff. It was a lot better than the stuff that was served to me here, either that or plan ahead and go to Mediterranean Grill the day before and not eat it until the next day. I recommend you avoid this place as well. It just wasn’t good and it was really slow getting my food. I wish I wouldn’t have tipped her the $3 when I placed my order.

Anna’s Gyros can be found at:
2228 SW 74th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
(405) 681-7733
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