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S&B's Burger Joint

Inside S&B's Burger Joint

Inside S&B’s Burger Joint

Tammy has been talking about S&B’s Burger joint for a while, she has frequented it before for lunch and talked up the fact that they have a veggie patty. It sounded good so I decided to go try it out. We arrived at the South Walker location around 3pm. We walked in to loud rock music playing. There were pictures of rock and punk icons on the walls, and a large picture of a record store near the kitchen area. It reminded me of a Hard Rock Cafe with the decorations and music.

We were going to be sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant, but we prefer booths, and asked for one, so the hostess cleaned one off for us. She seemed to be grumpy at first but warmed up later on during our visit.

Inside S&B's Burger Joint

Inside S&B’s Burger Joint

We looked over the menu and Tammy decided on a couple of sliders and a smothered fry. She ordered their Smokin Okie and Thunder burger. She also ordered their thunder fries, instead of the thunder sauce she got ranch because she wanted a different taste for the fries. I decided on their skinny and I also added mushrooms and avocado to mine. I also ordered a side of salsa and a 50/50 fry (half regular potato, half sweet potato). We also ordered some Tea and Tammy started to look for the sugar when it came out. Shortly after the tea came out the waitress dropped the caddy off and said that the owner likes to keep the sugar in the back because people have a tendency of stealing the sugars. We thought that was odd, especially since the sugar caddy stayed on the table the remainder of the meal, giving us plenty of opportunity to pocket the sugar that wasn’t used during our stay.

Thunder Fries at S&B's Burger Joint

Thunder Fries at S&B’s Burger Joint

It took awhile for our food to come out. They brought out our fries out first. She liked her fries, I thought mine could have used some more salt. I also thought that they were very expensive; $3 for a small basket of fries. I was expecting at least twice as much fries for that price, and it would have been nice if there was a spice blend on them.
50/50 fries at S&B's Burger Joint

50/50 fries at S&B’s Burger Joint

They brought out her Smokin Okie first, along with my Skinny sans the salsa. The skinny was just a slider and when we told the hostess that I wanted a full burger she said that the skinny only comes in slider size and she apologized that the waitress didn’t tell us that it was just a slider. She put in another order for me and worked on getting me the salsa.
The Smokin' Okie at S&B's Burger Joint

The Smokin’ Okie at S&B’s Burger Joint

The salsa had slivers of jalapenos in it, which made it mildly spicy. It helped with the sweet potato fries and gave my burgers a bit of a kick.
The Skinny at S&B's Burger Joint

The Skinny at S&B’s Burger Joint

My burger was pretty good, the patty had flavor, same with the mushrooms. The patty did break apart pretty easy and I found myself eating most of it out of the basket. I am not sure what it was made of, but I did find a piece of chickpea in one of the patties. It was one of the better flavored patties I have had, and was not disappointed with coming here.

She thought that the Smokin Okie was delicious. It was flavorful, the bbq sauce was good and had a good spiciness to it. The bacon and cheddar added a nice smokiness.

Thunder burger at S&B's Burger Joint

Thunder burger at S&B’s Burger Joint

A few minutes later my other burger came out as well as her Thunder burger. When she took a bite of it, she immediately spit it out thinking it was rare inside. After flagging the waitress, she pointed out that the rareness is actually the ham. She didn’t care for the Thunder burger at all. The ham was cold and the cheese wasn’t melted all the way. The coldness made her think that the Thunder burger was rarer than she likes it It really threw her off. When we come back she is going to try something else instead.

We went during happy hour and so the sliders and smothered fries were half off, it was all a pretty good deal except for my fries. They didn’t have any vegan smothered fries so I was out with taking advantage of that.

S&B's Burger Joint menu

S&B’s Burger Joint menu

They get their pies from Pie Junkie, and Tammy likes their Hot Mess, unfortunately they were out of that pie and it is random when they get it on hand, so it is hit and miss with that particular flavor.

Overall the food was pretty good. The service had its bumps, and it was weird the way our food trickled out to us instead of coming all at once. It is good to know that there is another burger place I can go to and have an option. The staff was cold and distant at first but warmed up. I thought that the prices were high, especially since the burgers didn’t include fries, and the cost of the fries were high as well. It is best to go during happy hour when the burgers and smothered fries are half off. I I’ll be back, I think I might take dad to the one in Norman which is where Coaches used to be and let him try it out.

S&B's Burger Joint

S&B’s Burger Joint

S & B’s Burger Joint
7745 S Walker Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73139
(405) 631-0983


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  1. Thanks for the write-up I was thinking of going to this location and heard a slew of bad reviews this seems to paint them a bit better with more detail so I’ll definitely have S&B’s before the weekend.

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