Jul 242013
Outside Tulio's
Inside Tulio's

Inside Tulio’s

Pops and I had to run into Norman to do a couple of errands and on our way home we decided on Tuilo’s to eat at. When I lived in Oklahoma thirteen or so years ago we used to come here all the time to eat. It has been that long since I ate here before.

The place hasn’t changed much since we were here last. The walls are filled with Mexican trinkets, Sooners sports memorabilia, and old articles from local newspapers about the owner and the restaurant.

We were sat in a booth and looked over the menus. We were also brought out some chips, salsa, and queso. With the menu there was an insert that indicated that they have 21 different salsas. The waitress indicated that the guacamole and spicy guacamole are the same. I wanted some of the guacamole and dad wanted some flour tortillas and relish. He also ordered a beer to start out with. The chips and salsa was pretty good. The salsa had some flavor and a nice bite to it. The tortillas were warm, but didn’t taste homemade.

Inside Tulio's

Inside Tulio’s

Salsa bar at Tulio's

Salsa bar at Tulio’s

The spicy guacamole had a nice smooth texture to it, and the addition of the spicy peppers made it even better, and tasted like the kind of stuff I make at home.

Tulio's salsa

Tulio’s salsa

I asked the waitress if it was possible to make a chimichanga with the grilled veggies they use for the vegetable quesadillas, she didn’t think it was a problem, but would have to ask the manager on the cost. I also wanted some spicy guacamole to put on top, and put that and some of the salsa. Dad wanted something not that filling so he ordered the beef quesadillas.

Tulio's spicy guacomole

Tulio’s spicy guacomole

Quesidilla at Tulio's

Quesidilla at Tulio’s



Dad liked his quesadillas he thought that they were tasty. There was nice scorch marks on the tortillas without it being burned. There was a nice thick layer of filling inside.




Chimichanga at Tulio's

Chimichanga at Tulio’s



My chimichanga was pretty good. The veggies that were in it were grilled broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers and spinach. The vegetables were seasoned nice, and the grilling of the veggies enhanced the flavors of them, with bringing out the sugars and caramelisation. It was a pretty big chimichanga and I ended up taking half of it home with me. The beans were good, could have used a bit more salt, and I probably could have stood to add some of the salsa in them, but I ate them as is. The rice was overcooked and all the grains exploded open. It wasn’t mushy at all, just the grains had exploded open.




The server was nice and attentive, and overall the food was pretty good. We were well taken care of and went away full. The prices were reasonable, especially for the size of the food we got. It is not the best in Norman, but it is the best I have tasted on the East side of Norman. It has been around for a very long time, but I think not a lot of people know about it since it is tucked in a corner deep in the strip mall. You can not see it from Alameda or 12th street. If you are on that side of town and in the mood for Mexican / Tex-Mex, then I recommend giving it a shot.

Tulio’s can be found at:
1000 E Alameda St (SW corner of Alameda and 12th St E).
Norman, OK 73071
(405) 579-1200


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