Aug 212013
Fuzzy's Bricktown
Fuzzy's Bricktown

Fuzzy’s Bricktown

My friend’s niece has talked about this place for a while. It seems to be a favorite of hers, and she invited us to go to Fuzzy’s with her tonight. The location of Fuzzy’s that we went to is located on the South side of Sonic in the Bricktown district.

We entered a very busy establishment. Almost all the seats were taken and there was a bit of a line. I was really hungry and was hoping for some good food. I grabbed some menus for the three of us to look over and we made our decisions by the time we got up to the register to order. This is another one of those fast casual concepts that seems to be really popular. After we placed our order we were given two tickets. One was a stub that has our appetizer order on it which we gave to the expediter to make for us. We had to get our own non alcoholic drinks, and then when our number was called for our main course we then went back to the expediter to retrieve our food.

I got the grilled veggie tacos, no cheeses or garlic sauce. One crispy, one soft. Tammy got the shredded beef brisket tacos, and her niece ordered a couple of shredded chicken tacos. We also ordered chips and salsa and queso, and I also ordered a side of guacamole.

The salsa was pretty good. It was different than what I have had before because it was a cooked salsa. The tomatoes were slightly sweet and they tasted like stewed tomatoes. The salsa had a nice heat to it both in spice and it was warm as well. The chips were coated with a chili powder salt that gave them a nice flavor. They were thick enough to be able to handle the heaviness of the cooked salsa and my guacamole. The guacamole was good and smooth. Even though it has been done it is hard to mess up guacamole for me.

Chips and salsa at Fuzzy's Bricktown

Chips and salsa at Fuzzy’s Bricktown

Guacomole at Fuzzy's Bricktown

Guacomole at Fuzzy’s Bricktown

Chips and queso at Fuzzy's bricktown

Chips and queso at Fuzzy’s bricktown

When I first glanced at my tacos I almost thought that there was meat in them with the way that the vegetables were cooked. Upon closer inspection I saw shredded carrots in there. That was the only thing I could recognize. I am sure that there were also caramelized onions in there too with the color of it. I also put on some of their table hot sauce which they call “Fuzzy’s Butt Burnin’ Hot Sauce” and some of my guacamole to make up for the lack of cheese. I took a couple of bites of my crispy taco and put some more on. The taco was pretty good, the shell broke a bit easily for me and I also thought that the veggies were very overly salted. Almost too much for my taste. I could have stood for a lot less salt and possibly some roasted poblanos in them instead. However I can not complain much, since they did have a vegan alternative for me. I finished that taco, the soft taco, and ended up ordering another crispy taco. I let Tammy try a bite of my second crispy taco and she agreed with me that it was a bit too salty, but it was good otherwise. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Next time I come I think I am going to try their grilled veggie burrito.

Soft veggie taco at Fuzzy's Bricktown

Soft veggie taco at Fuzzy’s Bricktown

Crispy veggie taco at Fuzzy's taco

Crispy veggie taco at Fuzzy’s taco










Tammy liked her tacos as well. She liked the beef brisket and thought that it was really tender.

Crispy shredded beef taco at Fuzzy's Bricktown

Crispy shredded beef taco at Fuzzy’s Bricktown

Tammy’s niece had the shredded chicken tacos and she thought that the chicken was flavorful. I can see why she really likes this place.

Crispy chicken fajita tacos at Fuzzy's Bricktown

Crispy chicken fajita tacos at Fuzzy’s Bricktown

Fuzzy’s seems to be a really popular place. There were a lot of people there and the tables were almost always filled. The staff although busy were all friendly and helpful. When I asked the expediter if he could bag the remainder chips and salsa he offered a new bag of chips instead of bagging the remainder of the chips. Although the chips are probably the cheapest things to make on the menu it was a nice gesture to give us a new full bag.

Fuzzy's Bricktown

Fuzzy’s Bricktown

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can be found at
208 Johnny Bench Drive (Reno and Walnut/Mickey Mantle Dr), Suite C
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 602-3899
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