Feb 152014
Miriam at BJ's Norman

Miriam at BJ's Norman

Miriam at BJ’s Norman

So my girlfriend from Spain came to visit me and we ate out a lot. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to post some reviews of places that we ate at, some of them are going to be of places I have already reviewed, and those are going to be mostly of her opinion of the place, with some short comments from me as well. Now we didn’t take many pictures of the food while she was here, so they are not going to be as picture heavy as usual.

The first night she arrived I took her to the BJ’s in Norman. I know that it is a chain, and not a good representation of the food here, but they serve the full menu late on weekend nights and I didn’t want to take her to Denny’s and really give her a bad impression, and really, I am happy with their food, although they are a bit expensive I think.

We arrived at Bj’s a bit after 9pm and was quickly greeted and sat down. We took our time looking through the menu as we were talking and enjoying each other’s company. We were one of those tables where the waiter had to come to us several times to see if we were ready to order.

I already knew what I wanted, I got a medium mediterranean pizza with no chicken, cheese, or pesto. She got a Black and Bleu-House Burger. We also got a couple of beers as well.

Mediterranean pizza at Bj's Norman

Mediterranean pizza at Bj’s Norman

I have never been disappointed in the quality of food at BJ’s. It has always been pretty consistent, and although expensive, the mediterranean pizza has some of my favorite ingredients on it. One of these days I think I am going to bring in some Daiya cheeze and ask them to put it on top. I took half of the pizza home with me and I did just that with the leftovers.

Miriam thought that her burger was delicious, better than the burgers that she gets in Spain. There is a popular cocktail in Spain called a Shanty which is half a beer and half lemonade, she asked for it and we had to explain what it was. Well the bartender used the lemonade from the drink fountain which is way too sugary and so her shanty was way too sweet and she couldn’t drink it. We probably should have asked for lemon juice instead. She also liked BJ’s. She thought the restaurant was nice and “Very American”. We both thought that the service was good, although I do know someone who works in the kitchen, and when I asked the server to say hi for me he didn’t get the message.

Black and Bleu-House Burger at BJ's Norman

Black and Bleu-House Burger at BJ’s Norman

In Spain they pay their waitstaff a living wage so tipping is not as compulsory as it is here, and if people do tip it is for a Euro or two, not 15-20% like it is in the US, she was surprised that I tipped at all and how much I tipped. I had to explain how things work here for her, but I think she was shocked every time I tipped a waiter.

Overall the experience and food was really good. It was a good start to her visit with me, and made a good first impression of Oklahoma on her, although we did go to a chain restaurant.

This location of BJ’s is at
330 Ed Noble Pky
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 360-4400
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