Feb 192014

When Miriam and I were out and about we got a call from my dad who wanted to meet us for dinner with him and his buddy. They wanted to go to Pub W, so we met them there. We were still pretty full from lunch and didn’t really want to eat a full meal. When we arrived there was 4 hosts waiting at the front so people would be sat immediately, this kind of threw Miriam and she felt a bit scared because of it.

When we found where dad and his buddy were seating they were already digging into a couple of appetizers already and offered us some. Miriam really liked the food that they got. The appetizers that were on the table was their pub with smothered fries and the pot roast potachos. The pub was french fries covered with cheese sauce, bacon egg, pot roast and brown gravy. The potachos were potato chips, pot roast bbq sauce grilled jalapenos and onions and topped with sour cream and cheddar. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, and they all got eaten.

We ordered a couple of drinks, I had a Captain and Coke and she had a mojito which she didn’t care for. I think it was too sweet for her. She really wanted a brand of vermouth called martini bianco and the waitress / bartender thought it was a kind of martini, so there was confusion there. If I knew at the time what she was really wanting, I would have helped her better. I only found out after the fact.

Miriam got to experience a waitress working hard for her tips, which she didn’t like because she was under the impression that the waitress was seriously flirting with the men. We explained to her that it is just a game, that she acts like she likes us and we will tip her more because of the attention that we are getting from a young pretty girl. Miriam felt really uncomfortable and jealous because of it. Other than that she really liked the ambiance of the place, and it was busy there, and she liked the fact that there were a lot of people and liked the inside of the place as well.

Overall we had a good experience, except for Miriam being jealous of the waitress. The place was busy and had a good vibe. The prices all seemed pretty reasonable. It felt like an upper class pub out of Ireland or England with that American twist. The nice thing is this pub which highlights a lot of meat type dishes does have a few smatterings of veggie fare, so vegetarians can find something on the menu here as well. I think this is a great place that probably gets overlooked a lot since it’s location isn’t with the other restaurants or in the new development. Drive the extra 5 minutes to come to Pub W. I think you won’t be disappointed.

Pub W cane be found at:
3720 W Robinson St Ste 104 (In Brookhaven Village)

Norman, OK 73072
(405) 701-5844
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