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To prepare for a nice long day of shopping we detoured into Norman to get some food in our belly and at lunch at S&B’s. I thought it would be a good place for her to try a couple of different burger flavors and fill up as well since they sell sliders here. We spent a long time looking at the menu as I helped Miriam decide what she wanted to eat. The waiter patiently came back to us a few times until we were finally ready.

Miriam decided on the Porker and Thunder Burger. I got my usual Skinnys with mushroom and avocado. We both wanted sweet potato fries as well.

Miriam’s Porker had bacon, cheese, red onion, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The Thunder had grilled ham, swiss, lettuce avocado, tomato and their special Thunder sauce. She thought that everything was very tasty. She even tried a piece of my skinny burger and she liked the flavor of that as well. I think she wouldn’t have missed the meat at all if she got a skinny. She enjoyed the sweet potato fries as well.

Porker and Thunder with sweet potato fries at S&B's Burger Joint

Porker and Thunder with sweet potato fries at S&B’s Burger Joint

My skinnys were really tasty, they had on their house made veggie patty, with the usual lettuce, tomato and onion. As I said before I added grilled mushrooms and sliced avocados on mine, I also added a bit of sriracha sauce as well just for a bit of a kick.. The only complaint I have about my burgers is the patties always seem to fall apart really easy. The patty is really good however. There are good flavors and textures in the patty and is something that I would expect to find in a natural /vegetarian restaurant, not a burger joint. They could have gone the easy route and gave a gardenburger or boca patty option or not given an option at all. I do appreciate the effort they put into this. The owners really did make sure every detail was perfected. For this I don’t mind much that the patty does tend to fall apart.

Two Skinnys and sweet potato fries at S&B's Burger Joint in Norman

Two Skinnys and sweet potato fries at S&B’s Burger Joint in Norman

Miriam really enjoyed the atmosphere and the ambiance of S&Bs as well. They were playing some pop / alternative 80’s classics which made it fun. The walls are lined with music posters. This location is where Coaches used to be, and they didn’t change it much except for the wall decor. The service was pretty good. Prices are a bit expensive I think, especially since the fries are not included with the burger.

Overall this is a great place for custom burgers. The fact that you can get sliders means that you can try two or three different kinds of burgers for the same amount of food as getting one. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are taken back to a record store when they were in their prime and the service at this location has been good the couple times I have gone. Whether you are a burger purist or want to venture into different flavor combinations S&B’s is a good place to go, and you can bring that vegan friend with you as well.

This location of S&B’s Burger Joint can be found at:
102 W Main St (Where Coaches used to be)
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 360-5726
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