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Fuzzy's Norman

Fuzzy's Norman

Fuzzy’s Norman

Tammy met me in Norman for lunch today, we were trying to figure out where to eat and finally decided on Fuzzy’s. We drove down to Campus Corner and found a place to park then fed the meter. We walked across the street and while I was walking I mentioned that Pepe Delgado’s used to be in the same location and showed her where Pepe’s is now. We have eaten at Fuzzy’s in the City a few times and thought that this would be good and quick.

After walking inside we looked at the menu and decided on our food. Tammy ordered a Shredded beef taco no cilantro or feta and a shredded beef burrito with just beef cheese and guacamole. I wanted chips and guacamole, and a combination plate with a veggie taco and enchilada with no cheese and the green sauce on the enchilada. I got the potatoes and refried beans as my side.

We got our drinks and before we made it to our table the food runner handed us our chips and guacamole. We sat down and started eating and drinking our beverages when our food came out. I noticed right away that my enchilada had cheese on it although my taco was made right. Tammy’s taco also had cilantro on it, something that she could pick out. They had to remake my enchilada though and the food runner was happy she had lunch to take home. As I was waiting for my food to be made I looked at the receipt and although we made it clear to the order taker what we wanted somehow it didn’t make it to the actual order. Same with Tammy’s special request with the taco. We got the impression that the person didn’t really care because we made sure that our requests were heard.

Butt Burnin' hot sauce at Fuzzy's Norman

Butt Burnin’ hot sauce at Fuzzy’s Norman

The chips and guacamole was pretty good, I like how they flavor the chips. They weren’t too salty and the guacamole tasted pretty fresh.

Chips and guacomole at Fuzzy's Norman

Chips and guacomole at Fuzzy’s Norman

We both thought our tacos were really good. My veggies weren’t as salty as the first time I went to Fuzzy’s which was good, They have a nice flavor this time and the taco was good and crispy.
Veggie crispy taco at Fuzzy's Norman

Veggie crispy taco at Fuzzy’s Norman

My enchilada was filled with more of the veggies and had a mild green sauce on top. I put on some of the guacamole and took a few bites of my food. The potatoes that were the normal size pieces were nice and fried. They had a good flavor to them, and I could taste hints of cumin. The smaller pieces were overdone and tough. The refried beans didn’t taste remarkable to me, they were not over-salty however they were bland. I ended up spicing my food up by putting on a lot of their table sauce. It really gave the food a kick that it so desperately needed.
Veggie enchalada with green salsa, potatoes and refried beans at Fuzzy's Norman

Veggie enchalada with green salsa, potatoes and refried beans at Fuzzy’s Norman

Tammy liked her taco, she thought that the meat was nice and tender and had good flavor. She ordered it without feta and cilantro and both made it to her taco. Luckily she was able to remove most of the cilantro and feta so it wasn’t a deal breaker for her and she was able to eat it.

Shredded beef crispy taco at Fuzzy's Norman

Shredded beef crispy taco at Fuzzy’s Norman

She ordered her burrito with only shredded beef, black beans, cilantro rice and queso only, and it was brought out with everything in it. Although it was made wrong she liked the flavor of it, and the meat was nice and tender and juicy. She was trying to figure out which part of the cow it came from. The biggest issue with it was the kitchen didn’t fold the burrito right so instead of all the ingredients being layered on top of each other, she got her food in increments. The lettuce, tomatoes, and onions were first with a bit of beef, then as she dug deeper in the burrito, later came the rest of the beef, then the cheese, followed by the garlic sauce and then the guacamole. We got the impression that the kitchen didn’t care much either.
Shredded beef burrito at Fuzzy's Norman

Shredded beef burrito at Fuzzy’s Norman

It was really a mixed bag for us this visit. The food itself was good, it just wasn’t taken or prepared correctly and that was the biggest disappointment. It is hard to say if my food would have been made properly if the person who took our order would have taken the time to put no cheese on the enchilada as well as the taco, but I can’t blame the kitchen for this one this time. They weren’t that busy today either. Fuzzy’s is probably worth a second visit sometime in the future to see how it goes the second time.

Oklahoma at Fuzzy's Norman

Oklahoma at Fuzzy’s Norman

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can be found in Norman’s Campus Corner at
752 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 701-1000
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