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My Waze editor friend is back in town for training and we went out for some lunch again to catch up. This time I chose to eat at Chelino’s in Norman.

We pulled up to a pretty full parking lot and walked into a small and busy restaurant. I was surprised how busy it was for a Saturday lunch. We were sat near the kitchen and chips, salsa, and cheese sauce was immediately placed on our table. A couple minutes later we were served several warm flour tortillas as well. We placed our drink orders while looking at the menu. My friend ordered an Arnold Palmer and I went with my old standby of iced tea with lemon.

Looking into the kitchen of Chelino's

Looking into the kitchen of Chelino’s

The salsa was a bit watery. It made for a bit of a mess trying to eat it with the chips. I ended up not eating as much as I usually do and using some of the drained salsa for my entree. The chips were not too thick or thin, and lightly salted. The tortillas were warm and fluffy, I put some salsa on a tortilla and ate it along with some chips while our food was being made.
Chips and salsa at Chelino's

Chips and salsa at Chelino’s

My friend got the number seven burrito lunch which was a flour tortilla filled with beef and beans and topped with chili and cheese. It comes with a side of rice and beans. My friend really liked his burrito. He finished his plate and told me it was really good.
Burrito lunch special at Chelino's

Burrito lunch special at Chelino’s

Taco salad up close at Chelino's

Taco salad up close at Chelino’s

Taco salad at Chelino's

Taco salad at Chelino’s

I got a taco salad with just beans lettuce tomatoes and guacamole. My lunch came out exactly as I had ordered it. I spread the scoop of guacamole around my taco salad and asked the waiter if I could get another scoop since there was no meat, cheese or sour cream on it, and he brought me another scoop. The waiter obliged my request and I put the other scoop on my salad and started to eat it. The salad was pretty good. The fried tortilla was nice and crispy. I was glad to see that there wasn’t any cheese remnants in the lettuce, something that is really common when I eat at Mexican restaurants. The guacamole was fresh and creamy. I probably could have added some hot sauce on it, but didn’t think about it until I was almost done.

The waiter although busy was attentive and refilled our drinks when they were a bit more than half way empty. I think that this location is the smallest Chelino’s I have been to, and even with the many Mexican establishments in Norman, this one was full. The waiter never rushed us, we never felt like he was trying to turn the table over and when we were walking out the door there were several people waiting to be sat.

Overall our experience here was good. We both enjoyed our food and experience here. I have been happy with the other locations as well, this one is no different. If you are on the East side of Norman and are hungry for some Mexican, stop on by Chelino’s.

Chelino’s Mexican can be found at
1331 E Alameda St (Just East of E 12th St.)
Norman, OK 73071
(405) 447-8050
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