Jun 172014
Athena Greek Restaurant

Athena Greek Restaurant

Athena Greek Restaurant

I am always looking for new Greek restaurants, and I pass by Athena Greek all the time. Today I actually got the chance to eat here, it was purely by chance, I was hungry, looking for a place to eat and almost stopped in a Peruvian and a couple of Mexican restaurants down the road before finally decided on Athena. I should have eaten here a lot sooner.

I arrived by myself for lunch. The restaurant itself is unassuming, a little hole in the wall with only 40 odd seats. In the corner was a TV with CNN on. I was greeted immediately by the sole person in the restaurant, which I assumed was the owner. I looked over the menu and the specials board before ordering my favorites, hummus appetizer and a falafel pita. The nice lady behind the counter fixed my lunch after taking a couples order who arrived shortly after I did.

I received a large serving of hummus garnished with extra virgin olive oil, a few slices of black olives and a sprinkle of paprika, a piece of warm toasted pita cut eight ways, and another pita folded with five warm half inch falafel balls, a couple slices of white onion, a slice of tomato cut in half and a generous heaping of iceberg lettuce inside. I got mine with no tzatziki and wanted hummus instead, she had a bit of hummus for me in a metal ramekin which I spread on a side of pita.

Falafel pita and hummus at  Athena Greek Restaurant

Falafel pita and hummus at Athena Greek Restaurant

I ate my hummus and pita appetizer first, spreading a good portion of hummus on a slice and placed it in my mouth. The hummus was nice and smooth, it was garlicky but not overpowering. The pita was warm and soft. There was enough hummus in the bowl to need two pieces of pita. I ended up buying another piece to finish the garlic in the soup cup, and for another 80 cents it was reasonable.
Inside Athena Greek Restaurant

Inside Athena Greek Restaurant

The falafel pita was one of the best falafels I have had. The balls were not too large, they were the perfect size I think, they were nice and crispy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. The crispiness was the perfect thickness. The pita wasn’t overpowered with onions, and everything balanced each other nicely. The pita was quickly consumed, and I almost ordered another one.
Inside Athena Greek Restaurant

Inside Athena Greek Restaurant

Although the restaurant is small, and may not be the greatest place to impress a date, the food I had was good, the prices were reasonable, and the owner was nice. I can’t wait to come back again and hopefully try something different. I would love to try her babaganoush if she ever runs it on a special.

If you are ever in the area and don’t know any good Greek restaurants in the area, head to Athena. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Athena Greek Restaurant can be found at:
2102 SW 59th St (SW corner of SW 59th and Penn)
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
(405) 682-0426
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