Jun 242014
Gross enchiladas at Abuelo's

Gross shredded beef chimichanga at Abuelo's

Gross shredded beef chimichanga at Abuelo’s

Tammy and I were starving and trying to figure out a place to eat at. We finally decided to eat at Abuelo’s. We had an over the top perfect experience at their Quail Springs location (I didn’t write a review for that experience unfortunately) that we decided to drive from the Southwest side of OKC to bricktown to go there, passing what I am sure would have been a better choice to eat at along the way since we had to drive through “Little Mexico”.

We arrived to an almost empty restaurant. That should have been our clue right there, but we ignored it, sat down and got our drink order taken. We started eating the chips, and noticed the chips were different colors, and cold. I could tell that they fried the chips with the oil too cold because the discoloration was the saturation of oil in the chips. Tammy wanted some queso to go with the chips and salsas that came with our meal, and the waitress brought it out. In the middle of the bowl of cheese was a big lump of cold congealed hunk of cheese, and the rest of the sauce was cool as well. We brought this to the waitress’ attention and she got this taken care of. Another few minutes later and we had a microwaved steamy hot bowl of spicy cheese sauce. Tammy did like the cheese sauce, and even mixed a bit of the roasted spicy salsa in the sauce as well.

We then placed our order and I originally wanted to order a chimichanga, and before I could spill out what I wanted in the chimichanga the waitress stopped me and told me that they couldn’t do that because they are premade. So I ordered a couple of enchiladas instead. I ordered a spinach and avocado enchilada. I wanted one with ranchero and the other with the green sauce (both labeled as vegetarian) and I wanted black beans and cilantro rice as my sides.

Tammy ordered the steak fajita chimichanga for her meal. We talked to the waitress about the food, she said that she has several vegetarian and vegan friends and she seemed sympathetic to my dietary needs.

We both found it odd that the waitress didn’t let me order the chimichanga, I ordered a chimichanga with black beans and rice inside at the Quail Springs location and not only was it made right, but the manager came to our table to be sure it was as I wanted. We were well taken care of at that location.

Our meals came out and something didn’t quite look right with my food, and Tammy’s didn’t seem appetizing to her, but the waitress walked away quickly. We got her attention and she came back, we asked the waitress about the sauce and she said, it indeed was the cream sauce, scooped up the plate and took it back to the kitchen.

Tammy took a couple of bites of her chimichanga steak, and didn’t like the flavor or texture of the meat, it tasted old to her. I told her that they do make it in the morning, so maybe it is left over from the night before so it isn’t fresh. Also the guacamole on her plate was oxidised and had dark green splotches all over it and the lettuce was nice and hot and starting to wilt. The cooks didn’t even bother scraping off the top oxidised layer, something that should be natural to do dealing with guacamole every day. That turned Tammy off as well.

Gross shredded beef chimichanga at Abuelo's

Gross shredded beef chimichanga at Abuelo’s

A few minutes later my plate came back, Tammy asked for the shredded beef burrito, and the waitress took back her chimichanga. While this exchange was going on I noticed that the same exact plate had been used, they just scraped off the offending enchilada and sauce and slapped a new one on. The plate sat in the window and there was still remnants of the cream sauce dried on the plate, and hiding underneath the enchiladas was a couple of puddles of cream sauce the cooks left behind.

Gross enchiladas at Abuelo's

Gross enchiladas at Abuelo’s

I can understand using the same sides and the same enchilada that was ordered, but they didn’t even bother replating the food. I scooped the bits of cheese sauce on a chip with a spoon, and I decided to dissect my enchiladas to be sure that there wasn’t cheese inside. The avocado one was just a couple of slices of avocado, and that is it, but the spinach ones were a spinach cream sauce. I was not happy, and neither was Tammy. It was at this point that we were both finished and decided to pay for the drinks and cheese sauce and leave.
Left over cream sauce

Left over cream sauce

When the waitress brought out Tammy’s shredded beef burrito, we told her what was going on, and she let us leave without paying for any food at all. The only bright light in a domino of bad experiences.
Cream sauce cooked on to the plate

Cream sauce cooked on to the plate

The waitress told us not five minutes after I placed our order that she has vegan friends, why did she not mention to me that the spinach had cream sauce? This is yet another case of no one cares. There is a lack of care all around, from the cooks, to the wait staff all the way to the management. Serving oil soaked chips, the cook giving the waitress half way heated queso, and the waitress not questioning the cook, and serving it. The waitress not checking to see if the cook can fill up a flour tortilla with black beans and rice and then putting it in the frier. Then when I ordered my food, not mentioning that the spinach has cream, better get two avocados instead. Then when my food hit the heat lamp in the back, the server not stopping the food right there and saying it is wrong, make it again. she saw that plate, walked it to our table in her hand and placed it in front of me. When we called her back, she knew what sauce was sitting on top. She knew it was wrong. I could understand if someone else ran the food, but it was her.
Abuelo's didn't change the plate

Abuelo’s didn’t change the plate

The first time I ate here was fifteen years ago or so, back when they were pretty new and popular, and the experience was great, and my experience at the North location was outstanding. I don’t know what is going on here, or if we came here on a bad day or what happened today, but I can tell you that we will not be back, and if we do decide to go to Abuelo’s again it will be at their North location, never again at this one.

Abuelo’s Mexican can be found at:
17 E Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 235-1422
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